organic raw selvedge denim jeans
organic raw selvedge denim jeans
organic raw selvedge denim jeans
Organic Raw Selvedge Jeans
organic raw selvedge denim jeans
organic raw selvedge denim jeans
organic selvedge denim

Organic Raw Selvedge Jeans

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We set out on a journey to create the most sustainable denim jean we could make, re-evaluating each component and rebuilding from the ground up to be completely sustainable from fabric to thread.

Crafted from a mid-weight 13.5oz raw organic selvedge denim woven on vintage shuttle looms. They have a very clean minimal aesthetic with a regular tapered fit. Constructed with a tobacco coloured recycled thread, they also feature Eco-friendly hardware, recycled labels throughout, heavy organic cotton twill pocketing, and chain stitched hem detail.

As the denim ages, the dye will fade beautifully growing more unique with time. The process of wearing in a pair of raw denim jeans is a love affair and well worth the little extra effort. With time and wear, they'll become as unique to you as your fingerprint.

Designed in England. Handcrafted in Guimares, Portugal.

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      • Certified Sustainable

      Denim sizing can be tricky. To find your size please follow the below guide.


      • All measurements are taken on the garment lying flat (not on the body). Please also note, garment measurements are indicative and there may be a small variation +/- 1cm due to fabric stretch and production tolerances. 
      • If you're having difficulty finding your correct size, we recommend comparing an existing pair of jeans you own and love the fit of, measure them and compare those measurements to our size chart below.
      • Don't go by the size label in your old jeans. Most jeans, including ours, are sized slightly larger than described on the label. This is why we recommend measuring them across the top of the waist whilst laid flat and with the button fastened. Or, you can measure your actual waist around where you usually like to have them sit. 

       Raw Denim Jean Measurements

      Denim Jean Size Illustration

      Denim Jean Size Chart

       About Raw Denim

      • The denim we use is raw (unwashed) and all denim fabric starts out this way before it’s either pre-washed or pre-distressed.
      • Ours is unsanforized, which means it has not received any treatments post-production. Therefore, there will be some shrinkage on the first wash, most noticeably in the leg length which will shorten by 1.5-2 inches (hence the reason we cut them slightly longer). Waist shrinkage is negligible, they'll tighten a little in the waist, but will loosen out again after wear.
      • The process of wearing in a pair of raw denim jeans is a love affair and well worth the little extra effort. With time and wear, they'll develop a unique patina becoming as unique to you as your fingerprint.


      Fit Details
      Regular Tapered Fit

      A regular mid-waist fit with a classic tapered silhouette, regular through the thigh and narrowing to a slim leg opening. It offers the best of both a regular and a slim fit.

      sustainable denim jeans fit information
      Sustainable denim jeans details
      From Fabric to Thread

      It simply wasn't enough for us to use organic denim and claim our jeans are sustainable. We had to go deeper than that.

      At every stage we have carefully considered the rich history, characteristics and traditions of denim, re-evaluating and replacing every component in their construction to be completely sustainable.

      It's our attention to these details that has created what we believe to be one of the most sustainable pairs of denim jeans you can buy. 

      Our Costs
      Transparent Pricing

      We believe customers should be able to make more informed choices when buying the clothes they love and wear, and that starts with knowing exactly what their jeans cost to make.

      Better all-Round
      Circular by Design

      Everything that is produced leaves a mark on the planet in one form or another. It's one of the reasons we design with the end of a products life in mind from the very beginning.

      Our jeans are circular by design, giving maximum value and wear for as long as possible before entering a system of repurpose or recycle.


      Great jeans - I have a pair of rare Japanese jeans and always too afraid to wear them - so I only wear my ourver jeans.

      Awesome jeans and fit. 

      London, UK

      Organic selvedge jeans at such a great price. Quality and fit are amazing, can't fault them.

      Hertfordshire, UK

      Mine are great, quality is superb for this price.

      Glasgow, UK
      Denim factory

      Our Factory

      Guimarães, Portugal.

      Our jeans are cut, sewn, trimmed and packaged at our factory in Guimarães, a town renowned for quality craftsmanship. 

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