Sustainable Denim

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Denim with Purpose

In early 2019 we set out on a journey to create the most sustainable denim jean we could make, re-evaluating each component, sourcing and working with only the best fully certified organic, recycled and eco-friendly materials. Built from the ground up to be totally sustainable from fabric to thread, responsibly manufactured and those processes transparently  

With a quality and craftsmanship to rival the luxury brands at a fair price, because we believe everyone should be able to make better choices with their denim.


Ethically and Transparently Made

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The Factory

Guimarães, Portugal

Sustainable denim starts with ethical manufacturing practices, including environmental and social responsibilities.

Sustainable Materials

Our attention to sustainability starts at the very beginning of the design process and continues throughout. We've worked together with our suppliers to find the best natural, recycled and sustainable alternatives.

Organic Denim

13.5 oz Raw Selvedge


Zero Chemicals

Plastic Waste

Recycled Sewing Thread

Everything Repurposed

Recycled Labels

The denim pattern is laser cut, this reduces the amount of fabric that could potentially be wasted by precision cutting.

Nothing Wasted

Repurposed. waste of raw materials being collected and reused by a specialist recycling company. Remaining threads are re-dyed and reused,

100% Recyclable

Thanks to the use of eco-friendly buttons and rivets our denim jeans are totally recyclable.

Care for your Denim

you can extend its lifespan through proper care as well as help reduce the carbon footprint of your clothing. Laundry alone accounts for around 30% of the carbon footprint of clothing. benefit is it leads to water and energy savings through less frequent machine-washing and drying, as well as guidance on ironing and professional laundering techniques.

Organic Selvedge

Launching Soon