No Black Friday Here

As a small independent brand, the current culture of constant markdowns and flash sales is simply not a sustainable business model, it creates a throwaway culture, effectively conditioning people to doubt the true value of a product.

We all love a great deal, and we work hard to price our garments fairly year-round to accurately reflect the quality and craftsmanship that goes into them. 

By offering a purposeful and premium alternative to fast fashion we’re supporting the idea of thoughtful consumption. We keep within our means, don’t overproduce or stockpile garments, and therefore have no need for constant sales. We are committed to ensuring that we create not only purposeful products but also a company that endures and performs with integrity over the long term. 

So, with this in mind, we're taking the stress out of Black Friday madness by not participating. You can shop safe in the knowledge that you will pay the same fair price as yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We champion small-scale production, the skilled people making our garments, and focus on building trusting relationships with both our factories and customers. We thank you for your continued support, it really does make it all worthwhile.

Buy fewer, better things and let Black Friday pass you by.