Men's sustainable organic selvedge denim jeans

Purposeful Denim

Made from organic and recycled materials.

Clothing designed to do better. Learn more.

Olive colour organic cotton poplin shirt draped over chair
Organic Shirts
Model wearing raw organic selvedge denim jeans
Organic Selvedge Jeans
Folded ourver navy sweatshirt and white t-shirt
Hand holding a pack of three cashmere and merino wool socks
Sand colour unisex pure new wool beanie
Rolls of organic selvedge denim

Sustainable denim

We set out on a journey to create the most sustainable denim jean we could make, sourcing only the best fully certified, organic, recycled and eco-friendly materials. 

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sea wave environmental

Garment care

Laundry alone accounts for around 30% of the carbon footprint of clothing. Less frequent washing and drying leads to bigger savings for both you and the planet.

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Light grey colour pure new wool beanie with made in scotland recycled care label

Recycled labels

Made from Waste. Our logo garment labels, care labels and size labels are woven using 100% recycled polyester yarns from post-consumer plastic.

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Responsibly made denim factory workers

Responsibly Made