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A Purposeful Alternative

Since our inception, we've been creating a purposeful and premium quality alternative to fast fashion, promoting the idea of thoughtful consumption by offering a sustainable year-round collection of permanent wardrobe staples. We produce clothes for those who value quality and craftsmanship when investing in a product, but also the values that are intrinsically linked to the garments we love and wear every day.

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Our Version

Excessive consumption and a throwaway culture have eroded the value we used to place on our clothes with them now sadly perceived as disposable.

We like to think differently and believe the clothes we design can have a more positive future, one where we continually challenge industry norms, design for a circular economy and manufacture responsibly. A notion far removed from the current culture of fast fashion and the outdated principles of profit before purpose.


For all our Futures

For us, sustainability isn’t a marketing slogan to sell more product.

We are committed to driving change, creating purposeful products and a company that endures and performs with integrity over the long-term. 

Together we can move an industry that’s one of the biggest polluters toward a sustainable and transparent future, which in turn, is better for all our futures.

OURVER [ Our Version ]

OURVER (pronounced ‘our-ver’) is a portmanteau word meaning "Our Version". A linguistic blend of both Our and Version.

From the outset, we knew that our name had to be a continual reference point. A reminder that we’ve set out to do things better, slower, and with more accountability.