Garment Care

Positive Care

We have always strongly believed that once you have spent your hard-earned money investing in new garments it's important to take care of them.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging for our planet, with a large proportion of the impact occurring with how we care for our clothes. Whilst we are striving to minimize the impact that we and our products have, there are some small steps that you can take to help have a positive impact on both the environment and your pocket by washing your clothes less frequently, reducing the washing temperature, ironing less, avoiding tumble-drying and doing the occasional repair.

Fortunately, there are many green cleaning detergents that offer a perfect wash at low temperatures whilst reducing their chemical impact. Choosing smarter care methods can help you to extend the life of your wardrobe favourites while also reducing your environmental impact, and your clothes will be just as clean.

Washing Less

Good Storage

Basic Repairs

Donate or Recycle

Never throw away your old and unwanted clothes. Give to a friend, donate to a charity or recycle.