The Power of Good Design

Vitsoe 606 universal shelving

We're a little fanatical about Vitsoe here at OURVER, especially the 606 universal shelving system as we use it in our studio, but it's hard not to be when a company has just got it so right. From service, product, design consulting, through to delivery and installation.

In the man-made world, everything has been designed. Everything. Somewhere, somehow, the idea has taken hold that only certain objects have been ‘designed’. Vitsœ stands for the inordinate power of good design in everything they do: designing thoughtfully, responsibly and intelligently and for the many people who share a profound interest in all of our tomorrows.

Designed by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ in 1960, the 606 shelving system is timeless; it moves with you when you move; constant additions and improvements ensure that it always caters for today’s needs. You can buy one shelf or an entire library. The system consists of an aluminium E track, from which shelving, cabinets, and tables can be suspended. It is available in a limited number of sizes and colours, all depending on the needs of the customer. No tools are needed to assemble it, and the simplicity of the system means that the individual components can be rearranged and interchanged easily.

For more than half a century the aim at Vitsœ has been to produce simple, timeless furniture that will not only encourage you to use and reuse it but also impels them to invest continuously, to both theirs and the customer's mutual long-term benefit. The result is that even the most hardened cynics can become lifelong converts to the concept that truly satisfied customers are those who buy less – of a better quality – and use it for longer. 

We believe its companies like these that you should be seeking out when investing in products and certainly inspires us to keep practising these exacting principals.


Vitsoe Phaidon Dieter Rams