Pure New Wool Beanies

pure new wool beanie brilliant blue colour made in Scotland

 Our unisex beanies have dropped on the store website and are available now in five hard to choose from colours.

Here at OURVER we often talk about buying smarter and buying better, and nothing supports this belief more than the products we make with those factories that have been making the same products for decades, and in this case, nearly two centuries!

Made in Scotland’s famous ‘Bonnet Toun’, our beanies are completely manufactured under one roof at one of the oldest factories in the UK with over 175 years of quality and craftsmanship. Originally established in 1845 to create traditional Scottish Glengarry and Balmoral headwear "Bonnets", they have since grown to become a leading Scottish knitwear manufacturer making for some of the worlds most prestigious brands... And now us.

A minimal unisex style makes these beanies a design classic and
depending on how you like to style them, can be worn tall with one roll or turned up with two rolls for a classic fisherman's beanie that fits more closely to your head.
Made from 100% pure new wool from a non-mulesed Woolmark certified yarn. Wool happens to be one of the most naturally sustainable fibres, making these beanies a zero-waste product, completely recyclable and biodegradable.
They're also really soft, finished with a special tumbled technique that 'fluffs up' the yarn gives them an even softer hand feel.
All labels are woven from waste, using 100% recycled polyester yarns from post-consumer plastic.

ourver pure new wool beanie grey colour with logo label close up, made in Scotland