Green Summer

We were delighted to see the results of a recent collaboration with The Ené, a directory of sustainable brands which features OURVER and includes our white T-shirt for their first editorial.

Here's what they had to say:

For our first editorial, it felt important to delve into the world of sustainable basics, it’s where most of us start when making the change. You would be surprised by the difference buying one organic cotton t-shirt can make in the world—it’s not going to fix everything, but it’s a damn good start. From having the idea and talking about it to a great extent, through to building a team of fantastic people, getting the backing of some of our favourite brands, and getting over a fair few issues along the way, we can finally bring you, Green Summer.

Model wearing Ourver white T-shirt with foal

 A nostalgic and free-spirited summer’s day is where this story finds us. All clothes featured could be a staple in any wardrobe, yet they highlight the importance of making conscious choices—from what you buy, where you buy, and the traceability of each garment, it all has an impact. With the exception of a nudist beach, you can’t go wrong with a simple crisp white t-shirt in any situation you find yourself in, but your sustainable staples don’t always have to be that simple; pair them with colourful shorts or printed trousers to lift the look and make it contrast. If colour isn’t your tune, balance them with earthy tones, like the linen shorts featured, to make for a relaxed pairing and overall effortless feel. Summer is here and so is your green wardrobe.


Photography: Olivier Yoan; Stylist: Sam Carder; Models: Lottie Hayes & Giuseppe Surdi from Select Model Management; Production: Alex Aalto; Videographer: Victor de Halleux; Assistants: Robert Nixon, Natalia Muñoz-Rojas, & Lara Foxx.

Featured Brands: Adam Jones, Colorful Standard, Finisterre, OURVER, PHYNE (from Kool & Konscious), Rapanui, SÆ-RIMA, The White T-Shirt Company, Trace Collective, Vanesa Vinhas (from Kool & Konscious), and WAWWA.