The Collarless Shirt

The collarless shirt or Grandad-collar shirt as it is also referred to is a timeless classic and a key piece for the essential wardrobe. An easy going shirt that has the versatility to be worn casually or bring a laid-back feel to a formal occasion.

Rumour has it that the collarless shirt came about in 1920's New York due to housewife Hannah Montague being so sick of having to repeatedly launder her husband’s shirts that she cut off the collars to wash them separately, thus getting more wear from the shirt. However, we tend to believe, as with a lot of menswear garments, the reality stems from workwear functionality with workers of the late 19th and early 20th century removing the collars to avoid getting their ties stuck in heavy machinery. Ours is available with no cutting necessary.

Built on our straight-cut silhouette and cut from a premium midweight cotton Oxford pinstriped fabric, trimmed with real mother-of-pearl buttons and garment washed for comfort.

This is our most relaxed style yet and is surprisingly easy to incorporate into a modern wardrobe, bringing a new silhouette to your shirting lineup. We've been wearing ours with jeans, chinos or shorts and with the sleeves rolled back, for a really chilled look.