Introducing the Sweatshirt

From its humble sportswear beginnings to a now indispensable part of the everyday wardrobe.

The first crewneck sweatshirt was conceived as a sportswear option for football players in the 1920's by Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player for the University of Alabama who had become tired of the itchy and uncomfortable wool jerseys sported by the players. Benjamin Jr took his idea for a more comfortable, and cooler, cotton to his father Benjamin Russell, an owner of a women’s and children’s underwear factory who turned his son's idea into a reality, simultaneously creating the Russell Athletic Company and cementing the sweatshirt’s popularity amongst the sporting fraternity.

Ours is a modern version of the American athletic crew, refined and perfected to only the essentials for a minimalist look. We have removed the things that are now superfluous to the modernity of the design. Gone is the neck V insert that was originally created to strengthen the neck and collect sweat during sport. We've also cleaned up the stitching by replacing the overlocked stitch with a cleaner single needle stitch for a minimal look. The fabric is a supremely luxurious loopback knit, which is descriptive of the loops features on the reverse of the fabric, designed to allow the absorbing of sweat from the body and into the garment in order to keep you cool. 

Altogether a smarter sweatshirt that can be worn all week long and not just on the field, makes this a new classic.