Organic Denim Shirt

Sustainability has always been an integral part of OURVER's philosophy, we believe that creating clothes to last is the basis for minimising our environmental impact. That's why we spent months sourcing and researching the best quality organic cotton for our first organic garment... The denim shirt. So, let’s fill you in on its sustainable credentials.

Made from 100% gots certified organic cotton, which is completely free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers which helps improve soil quality, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity. A clean indigo dyeing process and washing technique ensure no harmful chemicals and less water are used. It’s air dried to save energy, trimmed with our responsibly sourced natural mother-of-pearl buttons produced in Bergamo, Italy. They are responsibly sourced and safeguarded by government standards to ensure conservation and the reproduction of marine life. Being 100% natural they do not pose a threat to the environment, unlike imitation pearl or plastic buttons which invariably end up in our oceans. Finally, as with all our products, the shirt is manufactured by skilled craftspeople in a fair and ethical way.

You probably won’t find a more sustainable denim shirt than this. But the journey doesn't end there, in fact, the environmental impact of a product continues throughout its entire lifecycle. Therefore, the way you care and wash them is also important. We always recommend washing at low temperatures, repairing where necessary and once you have finished with it, give to a friend, donate to a charity or recycle, It'll have a new life and keep it from landfill.