The T-Shirt

The undisputed wardrobe essential started life in the US Navy. Short-sleeved, crew-necked and worn only as underwear. It soon made its move to the military where it was standard issue for new recruits to be worn under their uniform. The iconic name, T-Shirt or Tee is from its resemblance to the letter "T" made by the sleeves and body.
By the time WWII started, the “modern” t-shirt had become commonplace in high schools and universities across the United States, though it wasn’t yet ubiquitous and was still commonly worn by adults, as an undershirt. Being made from lightweight cotton it was the preferred choice for America's labourers working in sweltering conditions.
Mainstream acceptance of the t-shirt as an outer garment started at the end of WWII, when soldiers returning home began incorporating them into their casual wardrobe, much in the same way they’d done during the war.
The popularity of the t-shirt surged thanks to Marlon Brando and his role as Stanley Kowalski in "A Street Car Named Desire," and wasn't long before the rest of Hollywood picked up on this emerging trend, with James Deans role in "Rebel Without a Cause." Forever cementing the t-shirt into popular culture.
The late '60s and '70s saw the t-shirt become a canvas for self-expression with printed slogans, protests, and commercial advertising.
The plain white t-shirt was still proving to be the go-to piece for the new generation of those at the pinnacle of Hollywood cool, It is the white t-shirt look that is amongst one of Steve McQueen's most iconic styles, with his classic fitted tee, Jeans, Persol sunglasses and gym shoes. Paul Newman also looks just as current today as he did back then, a testament that true classics never go out of style.
David Beckham and Ryan Gosling
With so many variants out there, choosing the right t-shirt isn't as straightforward as you might think. The cut should be slim, but not too tight, the weight of the fabric can't be too light or transparent, and not too thick or heavy either. The balance has got to be just right. That's why we're confident we've created the perfect t-shirt, great as a layering piece, but super cool worn on its own.
So, who wore it best? We'll let you decide that one!